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I realize

Russia's only port in the Med is in Syria.

And I agree that the Syrain civil war is bigger than Syria.

I believe it's about a NWO.. Assad upset Syrians when he want NWO, just as Americans would be upset if Obama did to Americasn what Assad is doing to his own people.

And I tell you what else I think.. since America has been wanting OUT of wars for so long, and many have been watching YouTube, and finding they trust RT more than US news.. I think what Americans are doing is giving Obama the OK to do what Assad did.

I also know that the EU is dependent on US support in the ME, and this is important to them, because if Putin gets his pipe from Iran to Syria.. it's over for the EU.. and might as well be the USA too. The UN is a democracy with the sound majority in communist and Islamic nations. Maybe that's what kind of world you want to live in, but I didn't think you did.