Comment: I am Messianic Jewish... They are NOT two different religions...

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I am Messianic Jewish... They are NOT two different religions...

But ONE story. You wrote - "Judaism and Christianity are different religions, with little in common. Christianity may have roots in Judaism, but that's where the relationship ends."

WRONG. That's where the relationship begins, and continues. ROME was Yeshua's (Jesus Christ's) enemy. Yeshua was a Jew. He came not change one iota of the Law (Old Testament) but to fulfill it. Rome co-opted the Messianic Jewish 'Christian' movement, and paganized it. They spun his message, like "turn the other cheek", which was about passive resistance, and "render unto Caesar", which meant 'f--- Caesar', and turned it into a message of submission to power especially Rome's power.

It's just too bad so many Jews don't recognize their Messiah has come, and that so many Christians reject the Jewish roots of Christianity.

"Judaism itself emerged from an earlier Semitic polyhtheism. Before that, probably some kind of Shamanic ritual." - You also wrote

Would you please provide some sort of evidence for this ridiculous, completely non-factual claim?

Your lack of knowledge of either religion, and distortion of the truth of both religions is disturbing to hear on DP. Up-votes of your non-sense are even more so. This comment seems like a result of racist commenters spreading their lies and misinformation non-stop, like it's their job.

And Thanks for down-voting me for stating my religion you hate filled lying neo-Nazi sympathizer.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?