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Not me,

It is You who want a NWO, it is obvious. Your level of false info is just unbelievable. We (Croatia, Bosnia) have a couple of "reporters" (mostly muslims that are living there as a reporters, ex-diplomats or working people) that are informing us what is going on in Syria for a months (or even more than a year) and know exactly what is going on (info, stories, videos). Unfortunately, our government as part of the EU is supportnig the same lunatics as you do.

FYI, 75% of Syria population is on Assad side, including all christians. I know because we have a catolic mission there. Assad was allways protecting christians, you can easily check this.

Btw, mrs. Carla Del Ponte, UN supervisor for Syria, is telling that those missiles with nerve gas came from FSA side. Russians showed satelite pictures that confirmes this as well.

You should avoid the news that comes from Al-Jazeera or Anadolia or all EU and American news. You should also read the latest interview by Assad to the Russian reporters. It mostly acurately describes situation in Syria. Russia, China and Iran are just protecting themselves (se the world map and will know why)

And don't get me wrong, I was against Assad in the beggining when all this looked like real movement against tirany but Assad is very inteligent and after being instructed by Russia and China he realy changed a lot in a positive way in last couple of years:
- he announced first democratic elections under supervision from the UN to be held in couple of months (that is why USA and allies are now very nervous and in a big hurry, because they know that most of the Syrian people will vote for Assad of course)
- he is abolishing all rebels that do not want to fight against syrian army any more and is allowing them to go home (a lot of them decided to join the regular army after seeing what imported rebel-terrorist are doing to regular syrian civils just because they are diferent muslim fraction)
So, he is actualy the good guy in this "civil war". The bad gays are mostly made of terrorists from diferent countries, less than half of them are real syrian people that started this fight in the beginning.

Did you hear (and saw video) that less than two weeks ago rebels buchered the whole village (around 450 murdered mostly woman and children) just because they were of the same religion fraction as Assads family is (and do you know that most of the top officers in syrian regular army are of the same religion fraction like most of the rebels - so it is definitely not a war between different religion fractions like they want us to believe in). At the same time they took the whole other village (more than 600 people) and no one knows by now what happened with them.

Did you hear that couple of months ago rebels took two christian priests and never released them nor showed them to the public (most syrians think they have been killed because most of the rebels are islam radicals)

Did you saw the vido of eating heart of syrian army soldier by one of the leaders of the rebels
Did you saw the video of killing two kids just because they were telling to rebels that they are supporting regular army

Grow up Granger, you owe it to yourself.

And sorry for the wording "stupid". I was really pissed of by your lack of information. Now I'm calm :)