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I've never seen any music awards show and (hopefully) never will. I did see a still of her bending over in some lamé two-piece, sticking out a huge tongue that I wouldn't mind sharing my mouth with.
Ah! Found it!

I like tongues on pretty girls, and I love tiny little butts! Unfortunately, tattoos make me want to throw up. What a dilemma! (yeah, like I've got a shot!)

I have a fantasy about Hannah Montana. In one show, her sidekick gets on the cheerleader team, she tries out and is a total klutz, so they don't get much facetime together. After cheerleader practice they have a quick meetup in the hallway and the cheerleader is headed for the shower. My fantasy is that then she says to Hannah, "Well, we could talk in the shower..." and the rest is pretty much visual, and I think your dirty little minds can take it from there. <leer, snort>

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