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"What if I encounter a 80 year old white woman, versus a 20 year old white man? What's the difference between the white man and the black man. Both can do equal harm, so what's the difference to you? Perhaps you are buying into the racial division stereo-types being pushed by the MSM[...]

Or maybe unkut lives in reality? Are you going to say that an 80 year old white woman is just as likely as assault someone walking down a dark street as a 20 year old black or white man? Lunacy.

I'm tired of this "you don't agree with me 100% because you've been brainwashed" crap. It's just a cheap attempt to stifle debate and civil discourse.

But that aside....

[...]instead of thinking like a libertarian[...]

And who are you to define what a libertarian is? What if unkut doesn't consider him/herself to be a libertarian?

[...]meaning an individualist.[...]
Pulling definitions from your personal dictionary doesn't lend any credibility to your argument. Also, how does being an individualist mean pretending that everyone is the exact same in every way? I'm pretty sure that'd be closer to being a collectivist than anything else.

Finally, if 'libertarian' did mean 'individualist', then who are you to tell others how to think, or what the definition of 'libertarian' is?

Quite the interesting paradox you've created...

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