Comment: I'm getting to where I second guess . . .

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I'm getting to where I second guess . . .

everything I say on DP, because I am tired of being attacked--

But my first question(s) would be:

--who made this mtv 'youtube'?

--and why? As in what were their motivations?

I am beginning to doubt that the truth can be known about anything--

I know there has been war in the middle east for over 10 years, because I know three young men personally who have been over there--one who went in 2003; also the son of a long ago friend went in 2003 as well--(I didn't meet that young man)

two helicopter pilots; one some kind of officer, but I'm not sure what he did--

I also had the experiences of my son in boot camp back in 2007, where he was injured before he could make it to Iraq; his unit ostensibly went there; his sergeant in boot camp had had several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and while he was responsible for my son's unit he took his own life--

one of the young men who was over there came home with a drinking problem; he still goes over there regularly; another came home with an injury--

another one seems to have been undamaged--

I know there is a war going on; the premises for the war seem very vague and unsubstantiated--

the talking heads for the last 11 years have been very questionable.

I have seen youtubes of violence over there and heard reports of around one hundred thousand deaths of civilians--

Otherwise, I am beginning to suspect anyone/everyone of being:

black and white (as in either/or)

generalizing to the point of obscuring any truth that could be found

too angry to think clearly

If this war is anything like what I have seen in these three young men and in what happened to my son--

then it is h#ll.

But that's all I need to know. Everything else is claims--

I am thinking that if I am to know the truth of anything, I had better go to where it is happening and see it for myself.

Otherwise, I will be told that I don't know what I am talking about--

Also, I have seen a lot more police in my area than there were here 10 years ago--

and have had some odd contacts with a few--

And I am aware that prices are going WAY up on food--

I am also aware that our gardening season has been VERY poor--


that's what I know--

I don't know anything firsthand about 'the holocaust'--

I do know a few other things, but I have found myself hesitant to share them--

because the attacks can be brutal--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--