Comment: Something funny happened on the road back from conquest

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Something funny happened on the road back from conquest

A lot of points made in comments seem to understand today in isolation, like there was no past leading up to this point.

Notice how post-colonial nations still have this legacy of racial divide? You can set a slave free today but they don't seem to immediately become happy and productive members of the new dominant society. Here we are generations later still dealing with the legacies of slavery and genocide.

Let's recall no black people came over on the Mayflower. Their trans-continental voyage was somewhat less comfortable and 100% forced. White people brought them here where they were busy suppressing the native inhabitants. Not coincidentally, Native America displays many of the same problems that beset this post-slave population popularly known as "blacks" in the USA.

Who are you really angry at? The victims or the perpetrators?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.