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My 2 cents

There is so much nonsense on this thread that can be easily dispelled, but this is not an appropriate forum for the topic. I can already see the hammer about to fall. It's obviously not a welcome subject. People are going to leave with the same prejudices they came with, on both sides, and in the mean time bigmikedude's job is going to be that much harder.

One side is going to get banned, lest the whole site be overcome with these pointless, endless discussions. The other side will have no grounds to celebrate their victory, since the discussion will be ended by shutting it down and kicking a bunch of people. In the meantime, the discussion will devolve into emotional, personal attacks and accusatory mutual recrimination. Might as well just call it a day, and focus on economics, liberty, and political discussion.

This site is obviously not going to become a platform for ethnic nationalism. There is tremendous latitude for everyone to voice their opinions and concerns, diplomatically and with sound arguments. Even if they are controversial and politically incorrect. But there is obviously some kind of semi organized agenda driven thing here that is just going to give the site operators and mods a head ache, and drive out all discussion of topics which the site exists to discuss.