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Comment: No. I just keep seeing things

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No. I just keep seeing things

No. I just keep seeing things I want to reply to, and then realize how pointless it would be, because these are the kinds of beliefs that are deeply rooted, and don't much change with argument. They're deeper, they have to do with identity and ideology, emotion and brainwashing, and people aren't going to budge one way or another.

And the discussion will be shut down, and be one more sour taste in the mouths of the mods, and of Nystrom, who hosts us all and provides a place for us to communicate, discuss and debate in good faith.

Whatever the merit of some of the arguments, it just seems against all manners and decency to abuse that hospitality, and use the forum provided to come and promote personal side agendas to the exclusion of all else. It is overboard, and it alienates people who come here as newcomers or to discuss the more central themes of the site.

And it reflects badly on a personal level for people who are associated with the site or might wish to be associated with it, from the owner on down.

And then you read the back and forth, and want to get drawn into it, as we all have opinions. But you know it is not the proper place or forum for the depth of discussion necessary to get at the bottom of the a lot of these complex issues, and again, is not why these forums are offered.

I am speaking only for myself, the rest of you have at it. Not criticizing anyone who feels the need to talk. But everyone has an opinion, everyone thinks theirs is best, and not all of them are based on logical analysis. And some will go on forever, and sometimes we just need to take in our surroundings, realize where we are, that we are guests, and not everything is welcome. People who constantly rattle on with their own ideological hobby horse issues are doing themselves no favors, and not behaving as decent guests.