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We both know who they were defending their shops from; a predominantly black crowd. How does that turn into "only European-Americans can maintain civilization"? Because I'm pretty sure most of the ruling class is "European", and they're not exactly doing a bang-up job form where I'm standing.

On that note, the actual Europeans are doing terribly. They (as in western and northern Europeans) allowed, nay, *pushed* Europe to turn into what has, just as "Europeans" here allowed the U.S. to turn into what it is now.

"Speaking strictly in the context of the United States, it will be Europeans who either preserve, or fail to preserve civilization."

To preserve European civilization, yes. Given what European/American civilization is like, maybe letting it go and trying something new or modifying it isn't such a bad idea.

I'm not saying that people of European descent should discard their culture/civilization, quite the opposite; I'm saying they should find a better way to maintain it.

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