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That would seem like a

That would seem like a rational explanation. But then you'd hear much more about Islamo-Christianity. The two share much more doctrinally, foremost reverence for Jesus and Mary. Both are universal creeds, welcoming all others without regard for ancestry. Both number billions of adherents. America's Muslim population dwarfs our Jewish population, and the disparity will only increase. But you never hear any such phrase as Christian-Islamic common heritage.

So when you consider the facts, you see that it has nothing to do with simple shared things in common, like the ten commandments. As I said earlier, it is just a way for public Christians to ingratiate themselves with those who set the tune, and tone, in much of the sphere of culture and media, and it is a shameless ingratiation, considering that they receive little else but hostility, mockery and contempt from the other side of the embrace. Which they deserve, of course.

And, did you say "the Great commandment which Jesus affirmed" as a common item of the two religions? I like you Micah! but what could you be referring to? Where does Judaism embrace a great commandment of Jesus?

Not that it should or that I expect it to. But who is kidding themselves here?