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No one here is cheering for either atrocities or war,

Granger (except perhaps for you, who seem intent on killing innocent Syrians). You miss the whole point, which is, that war is never a solution. The only "war" a person of good will could support is a war of defense of the territory of the United States, in response to an unprovoked attack by a foreign power. Such a scenario has historically never occurred to the US. And such a "war", would, in all actuality be an "anti-war" or a defensive action AGAINST war. Thus the correct position is to be against all aggressive warfare.

You are stymied by the logical fallacy that, because people believe killing innocents is always wrong, that they must somehow endorse or cheer for atrocities which could not be (possibly) prevented without initiating atrocities. I recommend you study in depth about principled opposition to the Civil War by libertarian abolitionists 150 years ago, to get a good idea about how people can oppose war on principle, and be totally opposed to the injustices that war would supposedly erase.