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Oh yes they did

The Yom Kippor War.. with no provocation from Israel who was observing their most holy day, with WMD from Russia, Syria and 5 Islamic crap nations, attacked Israel seeking to anhilate the JEWS.

Since Syria and Russia have already proven what they are (murderers), when the exceptional high tech of the superior JEWS, saw that the EVIL opportunistic Russian warmongers had supplied the BRUTAL IDIOT Assad with rockets, Israel thought it out....

Are these WMD from Russia for the rebels (NWO now calls them terrorists) or are they for a repeat performance of the Yom Kipper war???? Either way, the Rockets were to murder innocent people who reject the UN NWO (that's why the rebels are not working with the UN)... So.. the JEWS, from their air space, where they have the finest military equiped jets, blew up the rockets.. I CHEERED.


Israel is going to win, because the truth is, they are smarter than the JEW hating liars on the face of this Earth that are an embarrassment to humanity they are such STUPID excuses for people.