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The ATF - Ted Cruz

I watched Ted Cruz (R) (US Senator, TX)asking in a Senate hearing, asking the Honorable (judge) head of the ATF, who I BELIEVE is an Obama appointee, if prosecuting illegal gun sales was a priority of the ATF. The answer was yes, it is a priority. Ted Cruz then asked the head of the ATF how many illegal gun sales illegal immigrants tried purchasing in 2011. The head of the ATF didn't have any facts or figures. Ted Cruz did, he said it was over 28,000, so he then asked if prosecuting illegal gun sales was a priority, and the answer was yes. Granted the ATF asked for money for this enforcement for budget year 2010, and got it, and then requested more for 2011. Ted Cruz asked how many prosecutions the ATF had for the 28,000 illegal attempts at gun purchases from illegal immigrants, and the ATF didn't have an answer. Ted Cruz did, and the amount was less than 10. So 28,000 plus cases of illegal activity, with less than 10 prosecutions on Federal Gun Sales (for illegal immigrants) and Ted Cruz asked if it really is a priority with such numbers, especially since they requested budget money for enforcement. And then you listen to this Democratic Hit Job Rachel Maddow going on and on about a god damn "CONSPIRACY THEORY" and that less than a man Maher just spewing ignorance and more dumbass rhetoric for the idiots of America. And people act like Bush did it. That those Tea Partiers did it, that it's all a conspiracy against OBAMA. Wow we have really come far. Rachel Maddow is not stupid; Rachel Maddow epitomizes the very essence of what is wrong with 2 sided politics and she is a disgrace to the meaning of the word journalism.

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