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Comment: The only difference I see for

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The only difference I see for

The only difference I see for my feelings is the why we should stay out. I am happy that some are a little more anti-war on this issue. But I think it is for different reasons than what I feel.

I feel the main reasons for people like Beck, is its all about the religious war and anti muslim rhetoric. Bascially he equates the rebels as the bad evil muslims, who want to hurt his favored group of Christians(even though they are actually orthodox(coptic) Christian, hey its got that word Christian in there so they must be holy devout people worth all our defence and have to defend jews to the death. Anyways its all about the view for them that the rebels are bad people so we shouldn't help them. But if they were "Christians or Jews" I have a feeling they would be jumping at the chance to back them in their fight.

I on the other hand feel that it is another sovereign country that is not a threat, nor will become a threat, it hasn't invaded us, attacked us etc. And we are not Isreal so if they have a beef with them thats between them. That by aiding either side we will be viewed as causing even if indirectly(which I feel we have been doing which I think is also wrong) the death of civilians that will naturally harbor resentment against us increasing the liklyhood that some of the residences over their will retaliate in the best way they know how potentially killing someone I may care about, and also if troops are involved killing some American soldiers which I care more about. I also feel our government looks like a Hypocrite. I also have no desire that we somehow have to be the world superpower, I have no jingoistic nature of Rah rah rah we are the toughest country. I couldn't care less if France or England or whomever is stronger militarily compared to us, in fact I would prefer it. As long as America is strong enough to ward off any potential threat of invasion. Who is going to invade China or Russia, they don't have to have the strongest army in the world to ward off invasion.