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Comment: All what evidence Russian TV?

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All what evidence Russian TV?

Who took that film? UN can't get in? Who filmed it? Plenty of people who have brains KNOW ASSad did it.

ASSad is the radical murdering dictator who turned against his people when he sold out for a NWO..

Personally, since Kerry never mentioned war.. all he said is they are talking... but MSM and YouTube , like Russian TV and Press and saying Obama is wanting war.. I think Obama is listening to the American people support Assad.. and so, why should he be like Assad.. it's much easier to be a dictator and tell people, you will have no property, no guns, no nothing... here's your fema camp/ And what will he lose doing that? Americans HATE him already. Their support for Assad gives Obama all the confidense the American people are ready to be taking out.. UN can call those who refuse to comply with the US government terrorists.. Ready?