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You should see my yearbook.. hundreds of little stories and pictures from all my friends.. "Killah" is a very popular name to have in high school. She started the fight.. I ended it. Actually.. I didn't want to fight.. and trying to talk her out of it, she beat my ass from one end to the other.. I was going down.. and she was kicking, stomping me down.. and some little voice told me.. "it's ok if you kick her back". So I kicked her back.. I didn't know she had a bad heart. Really kind of shocked me to see her go down.. and all the kids ran out, and the teachers ran in, and blamed me.. it was my first day at achool, friday is kill haole day.. and I wasn't supposed to win. So the ambulance came and took her and the police came, my parents came, and I was suspended for three days.. When I came back, they were all calling me "Killah".

Funny thing too.. my parents were pissed.. and only a few years ago my Mom told me that she was sorry, I should have never been suspended and she wished she would have stuck up for me.

It's ok.. I had it made...

now you know the rest of the story.