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This subject was THEE topic

This subject was THEE topic of conversation in Montana today. Three travesties were committed. The first tragedy is our totally corrupt public brainwashing system which attracts sexual predators. The second tragedy is the totally irresponsible assault of the child by a predatory "teacher". The third and final tragedy is the totally irresponsible action by the judge, G. Todd Baugh, in suspending all of the 4 year sentence except for 30 days in prison.

Montana is currently the laughingstock of the nation, unfortunately.

Here are the remedies. Stop accepting the whiny voices from the teachers' unions in Montana for more money and start CUTTING the funding for compulsory PUBLIC indoctrination. Seek private alternatives, e.g. homeschooling. Stop mindlessly reelecting judges to the bench and enforce a ONE term policy. Replace this particular judge, G. Todd Baugh, and seek disbarment from practicing law in Montana. Seek measures to prevent this "teacher" from committing future crimes and ensure any judgment is served in prison as THEE ultimate preventative measure if necessary. Obviously, 30 days in prison is a joke for his crime. In my opinion, four years in prison is too little time for this particular crime even if it's his first offense.