Comment: William (Bill) Kristol

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William (Bill) Kristol

Weekly Standard: Editor and Cofounder
Emergency Committee for Israel: Board member
Foreign Policy Initiative: Cofounder
Keep America Safe: Board member
Institute for the Study of War: Board member
Project for the New American Century: Cofounder

"William Kristol is a key public figure in U.S. neoconservatism, appearing frequently as a political pundit on Fox News, working as editor of the Weekly Standard—the flagship neoconservative print publication—and advising a host of pressure groups aimed at promoting a hawkish, “pro-Israel” U.S. foreign policy. He is the son of the late Irving Kristol, considered to be one of the earliest neoconservatives, and Gertrude Himmelfarb, a conservative scholar known for her work on Victorian-era social mores.

From his various media and pressure group perches, Kristol has helped shape the public conversation on a host of foreign and domestic issues by promoting hawkish political candidates, launching advertising blitzes, and prodding the Republican Party to embrace a hawkish foreign policy agenda. “For a generation, stretching back to the 1980s,” reported Politico in August 2012, “Kristol has used his influence to goad Republicans to be bolder and more ambitious—and riskier, for themselves, the Republican Party, and the nation—in their decisions. This extends beyond political calculation to policy. In 2003, Kristol was at the forefront of the lobbying effort for the Iraq war, which—however history judges it—cost far more in blood and treasure than he and his fellow neoconservatives had anticipated.”"