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After having watched a lot of

After having watched a lot of his videos, I am not sure the content itself is worth it. For most of the episodes, he talks in generics, and it's stuff right out of his campaign speeches and points he has made during debates. If the issue is new, the solution is still generic, so he ends up making the exact same points. It is very easy to know what he's going to say.

On top of this, he did promise 30 minute shows, but for the last week or more, they've been 8 or 16 minutes long. If he's having trouble producing content and his channel is only a few weeks old, how does that give new viewers confidence that it will be worth future subscription money? It actually sends the wrong message.

And when compared to other sources altogether, like Stefan or TYT or any other type of show that covers similar material - whether you agree with their views or not - he's doing much less and is charging more.

I think he really needs to look at his business model and make some changes if he wants it to be successful and have the impact he says he wants it to have.