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According to you ...

not everyone believes one gets a free pass to do anything they please without regard to any consequences just because they are under a certain age. I certainly don't believe in any such free pass.

Since you brought up the argument a free pass for wrong doing under the age of 18 is the only thing which counts, let's talk about this magical age of 18 where enlightenment miraculously occurs legally:

1. Children enrolled in school are not at liberty to choose their own educational pursuits.
2. Since children are not at liberty to make their own educational choices the public school has a fundamental duty and obligation to alleviate ignorance.
3. No courses of legal instruction are offered.

So by what logic do you hold someone to a standard ignorance is not an excuse just because they turn 18? If I look around, people over 18 seem pretty dam ignorant of the law to me ...

What makes an age so magical that it should be a sole determining factor?

I find it ironic people under 18 who murder can be treated like an adult but not sex. What is up with that blaring hypocrisy?