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George Carlin

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." - George Carlin

"There has been debates posted". Proper English from people who know how to speak it is "There have been debates posted"

So, wow, yes ++ this guy who can't even speak nor write proper English... yes, chem trails are reaching the tipping point as most people with below average intelligence (that's 50% of the people) (which means half the people for you people that are on the lower half), are now hearing about chem trails, and proceeding to irritate the heck out of the upper half.

"Strange lines"... are vapor trails from jets. They are from passenger planes. Have you seen how many of these passenger planes are in the air right now? Take a look: .

These planes are trying to make a profit, and even skimping on luggage to save weight, and they also only carry enough fuel to get to their destination. They certainly are not carrying extra "aluminum" or other chemicals in the fuel, as that would destroy any profit margin they have. Do you realize how much extra weight these additives would weigh, if it were true they were spraying something? Thousands of pounds! And where are these so called chemicals being added? At the airports? At the oil refineries? And if so, they are being added at every oil refinery, or every airport in the entire world? Give me a break.

The chem trail theory falls apart for anyone with an ounce of critical thinking in their brain. So go smoke another doobie, and look up in the sky, and get on Daily Paul and spout your ignorance...whoopiedee doooo chem trails... the only chem trail is in your pea sized brain.