Comment: You stand with war criminals

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You stand with war criminals

Because Gaza is not a state, the shoot rockets into Israel.. when those rockets hit Israel farms and businesses, destroying property, killing animals, maiming and killing people, Israel goes on the defense, rightously so. Gaza was a gift to the people of Palestine, which Israel provides electricty and water, food and medical help.

Gaza has no business getting and making rockets and shooting them into Israel. That is the crime, that because you hate Jews, you will not admit.

The white phosorous looks like flares.. and it is put out with water.. if you watch the films.. you might wonder.. "why are there bulldozers in Gaza where these stricks are? Were they expecting a counter attack? Looks like it.. and what's the worst part to me, is the UN.. The UN provides tents and a third world exchange.. so to me, these attacks on Israel from Gaza are contrived with help by the UN. But you don't care.. what you care about is HATING JEWS.

Check your own soul.. I'll mind my own and Jesus will be my judge, not a JEW HATER like you.