Comment: Terms?

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Let me get it straight. Terms, Congress that Rothschild Private Bank Corp will create your money. Digitaly, out of thin air, THEN they will loan said money to you congress at a COMPOUNDING rate.

Those are not terms and they do not have a clue for the most part.

These are not creditors by any defination. WAKE UP

These are theives pulling a basic ponzi strong arm exortion scam.

First because they create the money digitaly out of thin air they own everything. They being the Rothschild family and their choosen puppets.

So to think any of those critters are elected is very strange thinking.

Congress is not a house of fools its a house of sold out puppets who self enrich at the pig trouth knowing that their self enrichment enslaves the masses. The give not a stich about anything except who feeds them.

I say you need to crawl down the rabit hole a little deeper but you are going in the right direction.

Sir there is not a congress for the people only a congress for the owners of the private federal reserve counterfeit fiat false coumpounding national debts coporation which feeds the congress hogs.