Comment: I have a hypothesis

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I have a hypothesis

1. Politicians sold out the country to bankers.
2. The country went bankrupt.
3. Instead of charging bankers with any wrong doing the politicians decided the country would be better off using the same fake, counterfeit, credit card with no limits the bankers used to bankrupt the country.
4. Any costs associated with politicians using a fake credit card were passed off to American businesses and people
5. American business realized it was getting the shaft but the American people didn't.
6. American business decided it had to take a more active role buying off politicians to reduce the length of the shaft it was receiving by stifling competition using regulation.
6. As things have progressively gotten worse American business has moved operations wherever it needs to in order to globally compete.

So we got a fake credit card with a balance that can't be paid. A nation of people who love getting free benefits charged on a fake credit card. A lot of competition stifling regulation lobbied for by American business no longer doing a lot of business in America. Is such a hypothecated scenario supposed to end well? For who, I wonder?