Comment: I have some obvious disagreements with her

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I have some obvious disagreements with her

She implied that Obama was secretly helping whistleblowers to expose the Federal Reserve instead of openly doing it, like say, John F. Kennedy; what a load of tosh. Obama has been more proactive in silencing whistleblowers than any other president I've yet seen.

She also stated that people of the world know what's going on with the Federal Reserve. I don't mean to be cynical, but when I approach friends, family, and random people I meet with conversations about the Federal Reserve, 90% (guestimating) of the time, they're completely confused; it's something they've never heard of.

I honestly don't see a positive outcome for our country. Even if we stopped the wars, stopped the welfare system, and just put a massive halt on all our spending, I can't imagine how many years it would take to get us out of the red. That being said, the likelihood of those things happening are slim to none.

I appreciate what Karen Hudes has done and is doing and we need people like her, but I don't see her end game for the U.S. ever coming to fruition.