Comment: Dangerous game

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Dangerous game

the Saudis are playing - promoting jihadis over Assad with
the idea they can somehow control them - and threatening
the Russians on top of that.

Say the Russians stick with Assad and help fend off a US
strike (they've already provided advanced anti-ship and
anti-aircraft systems to Iran and Syria, have a significant
naval base in Syria and naval assets to go with). Say Iran
gets involved and attacks the Quatar or other Gulf states
or Riyadh. And/or shuts down the Strait of Hormuz.

Which doubles or triples oil prices.

More or less like Christmas coming three months early
for the Russians, without that much downside risk. And
who knows if the Saudis could really prevent the Chechens
from attacking the Sochi Olympics anyway? Or for that matter
whether the Chechens even want to attack them?

That said, any serious conflict I'm involved in I would much to
prefer any Chechens to be on *my* side...