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a homosexual couple looking for a Christian photographer sounds more like others are looking to play the "martyr" but that's neither here nor there. (well, it's in New Mexico)

Anyway, I don't think anyone wants to be persecuted, especially the true definition of such. See, you have other countries where it is against the law to be a Christian and people are dying for their Faith.

I find 2 things funny; most that think they know (anything) really have no clue and how the most believe that just because a person say they are Christians, that they really are.

Do true Christians hate gays? No, we don't agree with their lifestyle but we love the person regardless. (sidenote, Christianity has never taught tolerance, but love, which is way more powerful)

Are Christians protected under the Constitution? Yes, just like those that practice Judaism, Muslims, Atheist, etc. etc. What I find amazing is how people use the term "Separation of Church and State" without having a clue of what Jefferson was talking about or talking to. If most people really looked into that, they would use that term with a little more caution.

Are Christians persecuted in the US? In the grand scheme of things, no, but funny how we get grief from those that don't believe, just because. lol.

What I read throughout your post was a lot of assumption that kinda made me chuckle (War of Christmas and force your child to acknowledge God in school), but that's the problem; we get too much of that.