Comment: Junk food junkies

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Junk food junkies

From what I've seen in SE Kentucky although some
local food traditions persist most people are all about
white bread and processed everything - grow up eating
that exclusively and kids are likely to reject anything

Of course maybe what they are serving now does taste
like vomit, I don't know.

If they want to do something that promotes healthy
eating they could just go back to actually cooking
stuff from scratch at the schools instead of just buying
processed everything and steaming it or nuking it
in microvaves.

When my dad was growing up in that area in the 1930's
they grew/processed/stored just about everything they
ate except for sugar and wheat flour - and not all that
much of the latter since they mostly used corn instead.

They had their problems then too - but I gather that
childhood obesity and early onset diabetes were not among them.