Comment: I don't buy it David Robertson

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I don't buy it David Robertson

The link you provided is a well known JEWISH HATER, the exact kind of person most JEWS have the most problem with because it's the kind of HATRED that hids behind God.. God is LOVE, not a weapon to be employed by men with their own ideas of what is GOD.

The Jerusalem Post is the top paper in Israel and Haaretz is the liberal/UN apologist rag.. all papers have connections with Shin Beth, (wonderful documentary just came out about them).

From your article: "Understandably, he couldn't speak for the actions of an army belonging to a different country. "

What about this do you not understand?

The article is talking about issues back in April that would not apply today, even if it ws true.. and I believe it is twisted, because when a person HATES, as Roi Tov HATES JEWS, it is not God they represent, not Christ, Jesus was a JEW, the apostles were JEWS, and the hatred for JEWS among the UK is a crime against humanity for ages. It needs to stop.