Comment: Check the headers in the Britam Defence emails

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Check the headers in the Britam Defence emails

The emails in the hacked Britam Defence files were fake, if you download the Britam Defence files released by the hacker and check the email headers (I did this back in January when they first became available directly from the link provided by the Infowars article at the time [The link is now dead]).

I think the ones linked below are the same as the ones I downloaded in January, but have not had time to check them thoroughly against the ones saved to my computer, but after a quick check they appear to match.

If you search for the original files and do it for yourself, you will see that all of the emails contained in the zip file have the same Message-ID:.

Britam Defence email header 2

This is impossible and shows the emails have been forged, see here:

In fact, the headers are all identical except for the dates (at least one is the wrong day for the given date).

But if you look at the times, you will see they are also identical in the headers (again, the chance of this being a coincidence is ridiculous).

This is exactly what the Britam Defence spokesman said in his statement available here:

Due to the libel laws in the UK, The Daily Mail - who also published the story - agreed to pay substantial damages to Britam Defence for their mistake: