Comment: all I see on DP lately is . . .

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all I see on DP lately is . . .


Most of the things that are discussed on here are completely out of the control of most of *us*.

*I* have no control over what is happening in the U.S. government. I have no control over what the agencies of the U.S. government have done and are doing overseas. I have no control over any other government or its agencies.
I have no control over huge multi-national (globalist) corporations. I have no say in my own church, truth be known. I am a political minority there--

in that I don't accept the left/right paradigm.

As a Christian, the ONLY thing I can control is whether or not I actually follow Jesus Christ. On a minute by minute basis.

I can't save 'other' Christians in foreign countries. I can't even save people of other religions in foreign countries. Or here.

I can take food to the local pantry. I can give humanitarian aid to other sources I deem honest and competent.

And don't tell me that I can vote, and that will change things. I feel like a small twig in the middle of a raging torrent.

This is all just discussion; it's all just theory. Unless *you* personally go to one of those countries and sponsor a Christian family, IF you have the resources to do so, and bring them here to America--

IF *you* are allowed to do so by the PTB. IF you can get into a neighborhood where Christians are being killed. If you can walk past the Muslims who are also being killed--

and bring that family or that person here--

then maybe you can make a difference. Otherwise, it's all just hot air.

And once *they* get here, if *you* can get them here--

what are they dealing with?

Churches that are divided. Churches that preach warfare in other nations--?

Maybe. Some rescue.

Yes, I am becoming deeply cynical about any earthly solutions. That's why, and Christians should understand this, I am 'banking' on trying to follow Jesus.

He did say that. "Come, follow me."

And He ended up dead.

I used to feel a sense of community on here for wanting liberty, even if the government couldn't be changed. I used to feel that this was a safe place for ALL religions, all "colors". I'm not so sure anymore--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--