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Nope! Not me

I contacted my local insurance broker, looked over plans together from many insurance groups, since I already pay insurance, some plans will include eye insurance, or give me more service on dental..

I had meetings with my doctors, asked about what carriers they have, who they like, what was best for me and them.

I'm being pro-active, an activist for MY HEALTH and MY wellbeing. It's not like insurance is a new thing, and personally, I don't think $95.00 a year is a bad deal, depending on how healthy you are..

Accidents happen, and $95.00 is cheap. As an example, a few years ago, stoking the wood fire, about 4AM, I selected a piece of wood that was all of 1/16 of an inch off. No problem, just shove it in.. well it went in all right, and I lost my balance, caught myself by laying my forearm up against the stove. I didn't feel it.. ever notice how bad accidents you don't even feel? I saw it.. and I immediately sub-merged my forearm in ice water.. then I felt it. I sustained second and third degree burns from my wrist to my elbow.

That morning I went to the drug store and bought a few bandages. $45.00. Since these bandages needed to be changed twice a day, the cost added up in my head very quickly.. this burn was going to COST.

After 4 days, (and about $400.00 in dressing) while it was looking very good.. I thought, I should have it checked out, because it was a serious burn. My visit was $146.00 to see a nurse, who gave me better ointment, Silvadine, and tons of dressing.. to last me a week.. so, I received about $800.00 worth of supplies for my $146.00, and had the PEACE OF MIND, my burn was healing beautifully.

Today, you can't tell I was ever seriously burned.

I can give you more examples.

I do not believe it is government's job to FORCE people to buy insurance.. nor do I think it's the tax payers job to pay for healthcare for those too stupid or cheap to take care of themselves.

Those who have insurance like me, are working on our policies, we are the ones who say, it's not the job of the government.. the one who never had insurance and expect the tax payer to support their cheap lazy asses are the ones who are complaining about having to pay anything.. and businesses are getting hit hard..

That is who should be writing to congress, small businesses.. all an individual does is flag themselves.. "I'm not paying, because I'm a cheap lazy ass".