Comment: I don't know how much time you have

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I don't know how much time you have

The Legal Caase for Israel is a 46 min vid that explains Israel's right to exist. It's not opinion.. it's all fact. If you want to see it. Let me know.. you can serch it yourself.. ot I will link you up.

Israel has build walls to protect itself.. Palestine is FREE to roam.. for some reason the Palestinians want to roam into Israel.. that reason is Israel is FREE.

By comparison to Islam, Israel gets very little, and what Israel does get, they gift the USA with technology, medical inventions, energy inventions.. and we the people don't get these gifts because corporations buy the patents and shop them to MIC.. that needs to stop.

Israel does not want to rule the world.. Israel wants to be Israel.. unfortunately too many people HATE JEWS.. that's another problem Israel has.. 1.2 million Jews being chased off their homeleands, seeking amnesty in Israel because as Islam advances, it continues to work to wipe out Jews..

Palestinians people's problem is the corrupt Palestinian Authority who like to blame Israel, and uses Islam as AUTHORITY to brutalize the people, and UN AUTHORITY to keep them without statehood.

Israle is not against Palestine.. Israel wants Palestine to be a state.. ot's corrupt AUTHORITY that is the problem.