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I guess I don't see the humor--

DP used to feel safe to me; I've been called a 'troll', a paid agent and a 'hater' too many times in the last week alone--and the person you mention is one of them--

I've been skulking around, which isn't very noble--it would be a different matter if I were physically strong right now, but I'm not--I'm just an older person who is all used up who has ideas, so I keep coming back--but I'm not sure anyone wants to hear my ideas anymore, and I'm not sure I even have confidence in my own ideas anymore--

Not safe anymore. Not that safe matters, but *we* humans do look for some kind of community; DP was mine for a long time--and I lost it recently--so why am I still posting?

Not sure--compulsive, I guess--

I'd need to get a group together; unfortunately, spouse and I are the only Ron Paul supporters we even know of in our area--

the people we go to church with voted for McCain and Romney--and we got to where we couldn't talk to them anymore--

there was a RP sticker on a car a while back; we followed them, hoping to find out who they were, but we lost them--

pathetic, eh?

It's a long story, and I won't 'share' it on here--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--