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I believe

the PTB are not christians,but 1/3 of the world is
and over 90 million living in america(according to sources)
So if I am PTB,and i can convince them that the end of the world is near
by using the bible,this does make a nice handy play book,and a tool
They use every tool in their arsenal to keep people fearful,afraid,scared
and unable to think for themselves
Rumors and rumors of wars... we hear a lot about this,and it is right out of the bible.Where do the rumors come from? the illete,maybe?
who starts wars? the same?
who wants more control?
who has the most to gain?
It isn't the god fearing people,it is the power players on this planet,and they are using the oldest play book known to man,and they are trapping people through fear,hate,distrust,and out and out lies to get their way
so far,to me,it has worked rather well,so why change the tactics,if the old ones still work?
just my nickels worth

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence