Comment: Iran and Syria are Military Allies

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Iran and Syria are Military Allies

Syria has had a mutual defense pact with Iran for a very long time which involved Iran sending advisors, revolutionary guard units and weapon systems to Syria.

If Syria is bombed and a military target is selected, there is a good chance Iranians will die.

The US is attempting to taunt Iran into a war by attacking their ally and forcing them to honor their pact with Syria, rather than directly bombing them.

As soon as Iran enters the fray, there will be the ability for the US to bomb Iran.

This situation turns on what Turkey does. Will they go against Syria and Iran or will they stay out of it more or less? What is happening between US and Turkish officials behind closed doors? If the Turkish government does get involved, what are the chances that the Turkish people will revolt? Also, Turkey is located right next to Russia geographically...