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Grave outcome

That is a grave outcome that is plausible. Russia is at a disadvantage. The US has multiple proxies and Russia has few. I do think they will show they can down missiles and be a disruptor. That is as direct as you can get without hitting a US/Nato/IDF asset directly.

But... Russia can stir up its proxies for sure. Watch Hezbollah - they are acting as shock troops for Assad in Syria and they seem to be well-trained, disciplined and motivated. Hezbollah can also keep the IDF occupied in southern Lebanon. If Turkey over-steps then you can bet the Kurds and PKK will be stirred up. If Nato hits an RFS vessel then Russia can turn off the gas tap to the EU.

No one is talking about this - August 9th: Two Chinese warships, the destroyer Guangzhou and frigate Chaohu, docked Monday morning in the Greek port of Pireaus -

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo