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So we disagree

I believe Israel is God's place on Earth, and those who LOVE Israel, the land, the seas, the moutains, the earthly things God gives us in our material reality, those are his chosen, and they don't have to be Jewish, they can be Christian or Muslim or even Atheists.. they just have to see that these material things God gives us are gifts, and what we do with these gifts, how we protect them in defense are what our judgement will be. Not all Israeli's LOVE Israel.. so if you look at it that one needs to be IN Israel, no, they don't. They have to have a LOVE for Israel, which today, the vast majority of people do not LOVE ISRAEL. They HATE Israel, HATE Jews and live in denial of their hatred.

If there is anything that I hate, it is the hatred of Israel, especially Jews who believe that denying their heritage and standing as a JEW who HATES Jews saves them from hate. It's doesn't.

This woman says how I feel very well