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What you jealous?It's very

What you jealous?
It's very flattering to see that you know when I post Led Zep videos and that you are watching me very closely. Why should I mention anything to you? You are after all NOT_FOR_REAL, the professional trader who knows EVERYTHING there is to know about silver right?
Gees I just thought you would not even want to know what I do. Since you give all that great info about 18.00 being the blow off top a few years ago, Telling everyone to short silver in 2011 at 27.00 an ounce then it went to 49.00. You remember don't ya when you shorted silver at 30 then came in here telling everyone you bought "protective" longs, then coming in here and saying "I can't believe this" as Gold raced past 1900.00. Then just a a few weeks ago beating on your chest as the dollar SOARED to 84.50 on the USDX telling everyone how great Prechter is and how you called it and it SOARED just like you said it would, and then the very next day it dropped all the way back to 82 which was the worst sell off in the dollar is USDX history. Yea I figured with a track record like that you wouldn't even care what I was doing.

But so you know.. I made a nice stash of cash. thanks to you and tx shorting. Now I'm playing on your money. Keep shorting it not for real. It's going to the single digits next week. Prechter said so!