Comment: What twisted minds

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What twisted minds

Every knows, whether they agree or not, that Israel has the right to defend itself.. here we have a BRUTAL DICTATOR who has murdered his own people, chummed up with an opportunistic communist DICTATOR, who refuses to let the UN and Western States inspect where chemical weapons were used, that they claim came from the rebels, but no one can see (because they have NOTHING to hide).. and they say "they have a right to defend themselves from people who resent murdering dictatorships".

I really wish Obama would take Putin and Assad to the UN criminal court.. but really, that wouldn't do much good seeing the communist and Islamic murderers have the majority.

Well, it appears that Putin is in the catbird seat for becoming the DICtator of the global government, and with the excuse that "he has the right to defend himself" (at the expense of many lives).. NO ONE will escape the UN Agenda's culling of the human population by gas or otherwise.