Comment: Oh YES They do!

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Oh YES They do!

Just last week only 9% of the public supported Military Strikes on Syria. The most recent poll now shows 25% support! (that's a sudden, big change) By next week, or by the week will be up to 45%-50%.

We went through the exact same thing with Libya. We also went through the same thing with Iraq.

When Dick Cheney first started blustering about Iraq in 2002, almost nobody supported (even in Washington) an Iraq invasion. And even right before the War started in 2003, the American public was quite divided. There were some large street protests (largely unreported: "World Cannot Wait", etc.) that rivaled the 60's anti-Vietnam War rallies. But by the time of April 2003, 80% fully supported the Iraq War.

These people do what they want.

It doesn't matter if people are on to them or not. They can pretend that steel-frame buildings fall at the rate of gravity. They can make the laws of physics dissapear in the minds of 90% of the population (if they have to). They can sell and actually use chemical and biological weapons on people repeatedly, and then feign outrage at other Nations (who don't have them) for "wanting to get" them. They can criminalize whistleblowers, and make heroes and "wise advisors" out of ruthless War Criminals and homicidal maniacs.

They do what they want.

Nobody has stopped them yet (Laws are even created to protect them).
There will be no "backing off" from these people.

And if Iran defends Syria, then we will have WWIII (with Russia and China drawn in). I really think that they want this to happen. It is all ultimately about a global monetary and World government (dictatorship) system enforced on the whole planet.

It simply doesn't matter to them how many people die and get slaughtered first. Obama knows that his family will be safe. Dick Cheney knows that they will give him a bionic heart that will keep him artifically alive (until he is 124-years old). Bush has his Island bought in paraguay.

That's all that matters in their decision making.