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No it's not

After a decade of anhilating JEWS and unwantables, Europe was seeing resistance as in Warsaw uprisings, and the people were tired of it.. so a deal was struck with the Balfor Treaty.. Britian (France) and the Grand Muffi (Germany) made a predetor trap out of Palestine.. The Mufti chased the people off.. have the JEWS exile to Palestine where they could be slaughtered. And they sunk ships and shot the JEWS coming to shore.. few survived thanks to the Jews who already lived there and the Druze.. and together they established an Israel (with the help of exhiled banker Rothchild.. the banker of the crowns and Church).. many wars, Israel has won each one.. the predetor trap failed, and Israel has done more than sustain but thrives.. and it continues to advance humanity while the rest of us are finding the world is going to Hell..

Today, there are 1.2 million Jews seeking a return to Israel because they are being systematically chased off their homelands by Sharia Laws.. 32 states in the US are now being challenged to adopt Sharia Laws.