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Never Mind...

I just got an email from the TTAG staff:
No, it wasn't your computer that prevented you from accessing The Truth About Guns over the last day or so. Or a DNS attack. Or the NSA. In fact, TTAG's recently taken measures to make sure that we can stay online come what may---not including asteroid strikes, mega-tsunamis or Yellowstone blowing up. Although maybe those too. In this effort to upgrade site security someone (whose name rhymes with snow caddy) pulled the plug and killed us dead. For a while. The new servers are propagating, so y'all should be seeing us now across all your favorite devices and platforms. If not completely, hang on. We should be back to normal by close of play tomorrow. Meanwhile, I apologize for the interruption of service and thank our dedicated readers for emailing us a heads-up that it was lights out in TTAG-land. With a bit of luck we'll return to 99 percent uptime and the quality of service you've come to expect from our talented team of writers.

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