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I respect your high praise of

I respect your high praise of Israel as a sacred, holy land, but have you given thought to the following:

what if the ultimate deception would consist, in part at least, and obviously in a secular fashion, in stealing the use of the holy names and nouns, themselves?

Have you forgotten John's Revelation, say, Revelation 2:9 ?

What does it read again ?

Do you think we can STILL speak of the Israel you seem to conceive, when the name is being arrogantly monopolized by people calling anyone who criticize them "anti semite" or "anti jews" or what else I know?

I don't care much about the names of the peoples, although I care using the VERB, at least, properly - actions will always speak louder than words.

Rings a bell ? "War is peace" ... "Wrong is right" ... etc.

We were NOT created to be a tongue, a restless tongue, only, and indeed one of our worst enemies, of ourselves, thru it.

Or, again, what about the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders?

So, what good does it make to find every possible excuse to today's Israel's rulers and their crimes even against their own people ... only because they happen to call themselves "jews" of "Israel"?

What you refer as Israel today is nothing but a desolated land, betrayed, tainted, plundered by these men who want the same for America, the new servant they secretly wish, and is so ... only to fulfill the prophecies.

Evil is still ruling over there and most of elsewhere, and this has nothing to do with the lost or martyr people, nor with the holy of these names those rulers spit upon - by their LIES AND ACTIONS.

This has everything to do AGAINST these holy names.

And by accepting to reckon today's state of affairs - or should I say state of global plunder - using any of these holy names (that I don't doubt you are sincere about in your praise) with those men around to display them... sadly I am afraid you may very well serve their very purposes the same who first had TO STEAL these names from the people and a loving faith, to push their lies, deceptions, and planned future crimes.


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