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Comment: This woman is a fraud

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This woman is a fraud

answer me the 10 min mark of the interview she states that Saudi Arabia went to the Russians to offer to sell them arms for cheap and that Russia refused because they wanted to keep the natural gas market.

OK in what world does Russia want to buy weapons from Saudi Arabia?

In what world does it make sense that Russia would want to protect Syria in order to keep a natural pipe line plan to go through Syria, she said from Quter ( she called it Cutter).

Look at a middle east map Qutar is on the other side of the region.....doesn't make most things that comes out of this woman mouth.

For the record:

Do you know who perpetuates the conspiracies theories……The church….Do you know why…..because during the 15 to 16 centuries the English refuted the Roman Catholic Church because the king wanted to divorce his wife and the RCC forbid it….The king throws out the RCC and instituted the Protestant Church….and then the King proceeded to expropriate all the RCC’s land and wealth in England and then in Ireland and that why you have the English and the Irish fighting for the next 400 years. My family heritage was part of this ( Viscount Stafford) and he choose the wrong side and fled to Ireland and then the family came to America after the Viscount was beheaded.

Do you know why we have public school in this country….because the Protestants saw the influx of Catholics into American and the establishment of Catholic parochial schools….so to combat this the Protestants started the government public school system.

One thing you people should think about is that at one time the fight between the Catholics and the Protestants were just as fierce as the fight between the Jews and Muslins…….it all about a bigger seat at the table.

The Greenbacker’s is a progressive movement of government control and they are just as bad ( if not worse) then the so called “thugs” she is talking about…….I bet if you research this woman you would find out she is a Progressive Populist Socialist Greenbacker……she is not a friend of LIBERTY….as a matter of fact she never even mentions the words liberty…..BEWARE OF A WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING.

BTW……there was no central bank during Lincoln’s time…….Lincoln started the National Banking System… issue his Greenbacks……and flooded the country with them……they deprecated considerably, which is just another way of saying they failed. If you want to know more about the Greenbackers and their movement….read this.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"