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Listen Jackwad

I can let a ton of shill/troll crap go by but when you claim to be a professional engineer and then spout unsubstantiated bs crap, it ticks me off.

The so-called 'debunking' was complete waste of time. Every engineer I know has seen it and immediately punched enough holes in it that they can't hardly listen to the end.

In short, molten yellow metal is hotter than any heat source available can produce under any possible scenario. That's indisputed and indisputable. Game over.

You say it has to be as per the official lie simply because it takes lots of effort to rig a building, etc. and that no one saw this happening? Well, one of the Bush family runs the security firm; and many entire floors were "under private (secret) construction" for weeks; and many other floors complained for weeks about concrete dust infiltrating the entire building; and many people complained about heavy construction (as in concrete demolition and jackhammering) work being done in the weeks prior. The only significant concrete work that can be justified in those settings is 'maybe' drilling a few holes in the floor to attach things to. The only concrete work needed to facilitate wiring the building for demo is that surrounding the central support structure. Motive, Means and Opportunity.

The sooner you understand the forces working against each other in this world, the better your odds of supporting the right side. Choose wisely.