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Last night

I watched Putin's acceptance speach, and I thought, it is a small crowd.. I got the feeling the election was as contrived there as it was here.. and I believe that, perhaps as usual, it's not the people, and maybe not even Putin and Obama, but what they represent, which is money, that pretends it is the life blood of people.

I've met Russians here.. all good people, talented people. I've seen films that show Russia has a drug/alcohol problem as we do, youth that are wasting away because this corpprate surreal society that has no place for free thinkers, which youth has many, and many are victims of parents that have too many problems to deal with their child's problems.

Where I live, I think many people fear Obama.. they will go along to be part of the majority..

I believe you that no one is laughing.. I saw vids about Russians being interveiwed about Snowden, and many were quite outspoken calling Snowden a spy and a theif and they didn't want him in Russia.

I hope you are having a good vacation.. I'm sure it is beautiful there at this time of year.. and hope you return home safe and sound to global peace and not what many fear or say to induce fear.