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Thank you for the respect

The way I see it, JEWS are constantly being accused and blamed of attrocities. It is so popular to HATE JEWS, that even Jews denouce being jewish.. as if to get people to accept them, they need to hate Jews. Jews did 911.. not the Muslim radicales that flew planse into thew buildings.. that's all illusion.. it was the dancing JEWS who did it.

AIPAC and ADL claim to be for Israel, but I don't see it. I see AIPAC for a MIC and ADL for ending first amendment rights in the name of Jews.. and sometimes they have valid reasons, because to me, Islam can maim, beat and muder women, but we don't want to offend them, they can murder homosexuals, but we don't want to offend them, they can challange our constitution in 32 states demanding the adoption of sharia laws, and we don't want to offiend them.. they can shoot rockets into Israel, blow up buses of children and that is OK, the Jews deserved it, the Jewish children deserve it least anyone offend them.. no one is afraid of Islam.. we LOVE Islam, think it's great so called religion, and if they want to anhilate the Jews by golly that's OK. That's not hate.. that's peace.

I don't buy it. I find Islam offensive, bombing marathon,, oh that was a Jew who did it,, bombing churcjes.. not Islam,, that was a Jew.. bombing buddhist statures.. maiming historic religious sites,, even when cought red handed, god forbid we offend Islam.. let's blame the JEWS. The world would be peaceful and perfect if we just got rid of the JEWS.

I'm not on that boat.. the majority here are, hating Jews and loving Islam, everything Islam does is OK, after all, it wasn't them, it was the JEWS.

And I need to wake up?