Comment: Mostly correct and my complements to Mr. Barret

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Mostly correct and my complements to Mr. Barret

It takes brave men and woman to speak the truth in these times. Excellent job Mr Barret, The only addition I could give would be to make it clear that IzUnReal and former propaganda CNN talking head NitWit Yahoo (n0w zionist head puppet) are underling minions of the Rothschild crime family. The private stolen state of IzUnReal is a Rothschild private posession all actions are at the behest/authorization and with permission from the banker/counterfeiter false debt crime family.

Who built the private funded supreme court building in IzUnReal?

What is the name of the main street in IzUnreal? Rothschild Boulevard is one of the principal streets in the center of Tel Aviv.
All trails do not lead to Rome no more now they lead to Rothschild.